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What is a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a dry erase board of any small but convenient size upon which one or more students can write or draw in order to present concepts, charts, maps, tables graphs, diagrams, or equations. They are used with dry erase markers, and are easily wiped clean with an eraser.

What are our whiteboards like?

Our economical yet sturdy Melamine whiteboards consist of tempered, slightly flexible Masonite hardboard with a baked-on enamel-like surface. They have rounded corners and smoothly routered edges for safety. They are borderless for space-saving stacking, and have a conveniently cut handhold for ease of carrying and hanging for presentation. Our whiteboards are non-magnetic, and are available in white only. Whiteboards come in an array of sizes. Our standard size is best suited for cooperative group work; smaller sizes suffice for use by younger or smaller groups of students. The advantage of the larger size whiteboard is clear when used for classroom presentations.

Are our whiteboards durable?

Yes! Experience has shown that our whiteboards typically can withstand three years of regular classroom use. While any whiteboard might get slightly chipped around the edges due to dropping and unanticipated abuse, versions of whiteboards used by associates of whiteboardsUSA.com have been in continuous use since 2003 and are still quite serviceable. Even if someone inadvertently uses a permanent marker on the whiteboard, the whiteboard can be easily cleaned. See Preparing & Cleaning for details.

Are whiteboards cost effective?

Most definitely! Our whiteboards are available at a low cost, and typically provide three or more years of continuous service. The cost is less than 2 cents per student per year for the average high school teacher. Many teachers remark that whiteboards have a tremendous positive impact on student engagement and learning. What else can you buy for a few dollars and use with a hundred students daily for years to great educational advantage? Money spent on whiteboards pays considerable dividends.

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Last updated Decmeber 2, 2017