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Shipping Quote

Our standard shipping for whiteboards is FedEx ground delivery. Recipients will be billed for shipping fees. All shipping destinations must have a physical delivery address. We are now shipping to U.S. and CANADIAN addresses, but Canadian recipients are responsible for paying all duties, taxes, and other surcharges. Please contact us for a FedEx Ground shipping quote or use information on this page to obtain your own quote. Then add the quote to your order form before sending.

Minimum Order: The minimum order is six (6) whiteboards.

Follow these easy steps to directly figure your own quote. See the sample calculation below for clarification if necessary.

  1. Ship From = 61704
  2. Ship To = Your ZIP CODE
  3. Indicate number of packages. We ship a maximum of 20 whiteboards per package.
  4. Figure and enter the total weight of each package and enter that value in pounds. (Note that Standard whiteboards weigh approximately 3.4 lb each.) ADD 2.2 pounds for the weight of the cardboard shipping container.
  5. If this shipment is going to a residence, please so indicate by clicking the box.
  6. Indicate in the Pickup/Dropoff section select "Drop off at FedEx location"
  7. Leave "Shipping Date" set to default date.
  8. In the lower right hand corner of box 1, click on "Get detailed quote"
  9. Note that some box 2 information has been rolled over from box 1.
  10. Under "Package type" select "Your Packaging"
  11. In the dimension box that now appears enter L=36, W=24, and H is a function of the number of whiteboards per box. H=2 for 6-8 whiteboards; H=3 for 9-15 whiteboards; and H=4 for 16-20 whiteboards.
  12. Set "Declared value" at $11 per whiteboard.
  13. In the lower right hand corner of box 2, click on "Continue"
  14. Note that box 3 provides various time and costs options. We recommend shipment via the most economical means. Add the amount to your "Estimated Shipping" line on your order form.
  15. NOTE: Because this is only an estimate, please be aware that we charge for the actual cost of shipping determined by FedEx at the time of drop off. The shipping cost might vary slightly from an accurately completed process.

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Sample calculations:

A custom orders 15 Standard-L whiteboards weighing a total of 15 x 3.4 lb = 51 lb.

Add 2.2 lb for the weight of the shipping container: 51lb + 2.2lb = 53.2lb.

The length and width dimensions are 36" x 24" x 3"

Email us: whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com

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