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If you will not be acquiring whiteboards with the use of a purchase order, please download an interactive Excel order form, an interactive MS Word order form, or a non-interactive PDF order form. Complete the form including taxes (if applicable) and shipping (please contact us via e-mail <whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com> for a quote or visit our shipping page to get your own estimate).

Purchase orders (with official signatures) will be scanned and sent as a PDF attachment in an e-mail to <whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com>.

Alternatively, you may send your purchase order or completed order form along with payment and tax-exempt information (if applicable) using US Mail to:

c/o C. Wenning
21 Grandview Drive
Normal, IL 61761-4071

Please note that we no longer accept faxes.

Quotes: If you need a quote, e-mail us at whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com. We will process your quote as quickly as possible so that you get the information you need. Please use the above address for quotes if you prefer to use US mail. Please note that shipping charges are estimates using FedEx Ground services. We bill only for the actual cost of the shipment.

Prices: All prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice. Lower cost "seconds" are sold as is and may not be returned for refund or credit.

Minimum Order: The minimum order is six (6) whiteboards.

Shipping: An economical means of ground shipment will be used. Please contact us for a quote or use our shipping page to obtain your own quote, and then add the quote to your purchase order or order form before sending. We currently do not ship outside the United States and Canada.

Signature-upon-Receipt Requirement: When shipping whiteboards to school addresses we normally do not require signature upon receipt because someone is almost always present to receive the shipment. If a school buyer has any reason to believe that whiteboards cannot be safely delivered this way, the buyer must inform the seller to ask for signature upon receipt. When shipped to private addresses we normally require signatures upon receipt of shipment. We will not otherwise be held accountable for loss due to theft following delivery.

Packaging: Whiteboards are be shipped encased in cardboard containers to resist damage during transit.

Sales Tax: We collect 7.5% sales tax for transactions within the state of Illinois unless the purchaser (e.g., school or recognized non-profit) is a tax-exempt entity. We must charge Illinois sales tax when whiteboards are shipped to individuals with an Illinois shipping address - even if that individual is to be reimbursed by a non-profit agency.


Schools and other non-profits: Duly authorized purchase orders receive 30 day net terms. Purchases also may be made with credit card. If paying with credit card, provide the following information along with your order form:

  1. credit card number,
  2. credit card expiration date,
  3. credit card security code, and
  4. ZIP Code (USA) or mailing code (Canada) associated with the billing address of the credit card.

Personal purchases: Payment or credit card information must accompany the order. Provide us with your credit card information (the 4 items listed above) by phone, fax, or US Mail; never send credit card information by email) or send a check along with your order. Please make checks payable to whiteboardsUSA.com, and mail both to the above postal address.

Cancellations: Cancellation of an order after it has been shipped out or received by the customer will result in the customer paying all shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee. Please make necessary order cancellations before whiteboards are shipped.

Email us: whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com

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