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Foundation Membership

Foundation membership is open to anyone who enjoys Weldon Springs State Park and wants to show their support. To join, simply print off and fill out the form below and mail with your dues payment to:

Weldon Springs Foundation, Inc. PO Box 323 Clinton, IL 61727

Membership fees and some other contributions are tax deductible. 

Financial Contributions

Weldon Springs Foundation, Inc. recognizes the value of the park to the local area. We are also aware that tax dollars alone are not sufficient to permit the park to reach its full potential. Private contributions are needed to supplement and provide stability to the park budget.

Sources of these funds include membership dues, direct voluntary contributions from individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations, and the sale of souvenirs. Past donations have been used to purchase such items as park benches, fire rings, equipment, taxidermy works, furniture and materials for the Interpretive Center, and to cover the printing costs for brochures. These purchases have thereby enhanced the experience of our visitors. 

Weldon Springs Foundation is a Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. 


Weldon Springs Foundation Membership Form

(Click here for a printer-friendly membership form.)

Name ____________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number _____________________________________________________________________

Email Address______________________________________________________________________

Individual Membership  $10

Family Membership  $20

Business Booster $35

Membership and other monetary gifts are tax deductible.

Print and mail to:

Weldon Springs Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 323

Clinton, IL 61727



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