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whiteboardsUSA.com can help satisfy your need for top quality, durable, and affordable whiteboards made in the USA.

Download our colorful one-page PDF flyer that describes the educational benefits of using whiteboards. Also, read more about whiteboarding in general, how to conduct Socratic dialogues, get more information about our whiteboards, and learn about cleaning whiteboards. Convenient PDF's can be downloaded for printing through each of these hyperlinks.

We are now shipping to CANADA as well as destinations in the USA.

Email us: whiteboardsUSA "at" comcast.net






Check out our latest contribution to physics education. Carl Wenning and Rebecca Vieyra are a father-daughter team. Carl Wenning is cofounder and general manager of whiteboardsUSA.com.

Written by physics teachers for physics teachers, Teaching High School Physics provides the dual perspectives of a highly experienced physics teacher educator with a distinguished high school physics teacher. A mix of theory and practice, this 3-volume series provides rigorous and systematic treatments of 40 important topics. While intended to serve as a textbook for teacher candidates, this series is suitable for even experienced in-service physics teachers who seek a reference guide to the many topics being addressed in today’s teaching reform movement. Read more >>

These volumes are available on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books for only $9.99 each. See Volume II, Chapter 27, for detailed information on Socratic dialogues and whiteboarding. For more information about these publications, visit our Teaching High School Physics website.

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