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About whiteboardsUSA

started producing and shipping our first whiteboards on September 1, 2005. This sole-proprietorship was started as a result of science teachers making constant requests to us for whiteboards. Most of these teachers had first experienced working with our whiteboards during workshops for high school physics teachers. An understanding of the utility of whiteboards quickly spread throughout these teachers' schools. We received requests for more whiteboards, but were unable to fill these requests because the whiteboards they had received were produced using the facilities of a university. In response to the demand, whiteboardsUSA.com was established.

whiteboardsUSA.com is a sole proprietorship established for the purpose of providing high quality, reasonably priced whiteboards to teachers who wish to use them in their teaching. It is a company for teachers managed by a teacher.

Email us: whiteboardsUSA "at" gmail.com

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